The latest generation heat pumps from alpha innotec is the most advanced in its class and versatility is hardly to be surpassed. Whether efficient heating, active cooling or the preparation of domestic hot water – the externally placed models are ideal for the renovation as well as for new buildings.

Continuous progress can not be stopped with heat pumps. This is proved by the new outdoor air-to-water heat pumps alira NP-AW 20 with inverter-controlled EVI technology: the units operate in a range from -25 ° C to 43 ° C and convince with a high heating capacity of up to 14 kW at -7 ° C Outdoor temperature. The sound power data is low 53 dB (A) according to EN12102.

A further feature of the new alira NP-AW 20 is the standard active cooling function. This allows to comfortably air-conditioned rooms via floor heating or corresponding convectors. Depending on the system, the flow temperature can be reduced to 7 ° C.

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